What’s a Core Value and Where Has It Been My Whole Life?

From Your Core: Identifying, understanding, and living your core values for your happiest life and relationships

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Your core values are what guide your day-to-day interactions, behaviors, and choices. By clearly defining them and strengthening them through repeated decision-making, you give your life and your relationships confidence and clarity. Leave them ambiguous or fail to see their importance, however, and you’re destined to make a hot mess of things.

And remember, core values aren’t chosen; they are revealed over the course of your day-to-day life. Decisions aligned with them feel effortless. Decisions made against them causing you stress, frustration, anger, and unhappiness. Your core values aren’t your conscious, per se. They won’t tell you what is right from wrong, but they will tell you what is right and wrong for you.

In this workbook, you can define your core values so you can find and attract the amazing life and partner you were meant to have:

❤️ Identifying your core values
❤️ Distinguishing between Deal-makers vs. Deal-breakers
❤️ Dating Mindset techniques
❤️ Developing your personal core branding statements
❤️ Working on your beliefs vs. behaviors

Your core values won’t steer you wrong–unless you fail to listen to them. Define what is deeply important to you and don’t stop until you get it. The time for making the same mistakes in life and relationships is over. It’s just you and happiness from here on out.

Using your core values, you can begin to understand why past relationships run their course, and how future relationships have a chance to succeed, not just because you’ve aligned with the right partner, but because when you know how you work best, your relationships have the best chance.

Find out what your core values are in this workbook – This download has the down-low.

From Your Core

Be the CEO of your love life.

When was the last time you took charge of your love life and put your happiness at the top of the agenda?

You deserve to sit in the biggest chair in the boardroom.

When you are the CEO of your life, you can find love, happiness, and joy –on your terms, in your own way, and just in time. Have you found yourself asking some of the questions below?

❤️ Are you tired of being single and ready to have more fun dating?
❤️ Are you frustrated by the dating scene?
❤️ Do you often wonder why it’s so hard to find someone worthwhile who wants to be in a relationship?
❤️ Wondering how to break free from repeating patterns of toxic relationships?
❤️ Have you had your heart broken by emotionally unavailable noncommitment minded people and scared of getting hurt again?
❤️ Do you want to find an amazing partner without having to settle?

If any of these resonate with you then you’re in the right place to take action and find the love that you deserve!  I’m here to help you. Let’s jump on a free 15-minute introductory call to find the best coaching package that works for you.  Looking forward to connecting with you – https://ScheduleACallWithJen.as.me/

The Dating Advisory Board offers Dating Coaching programs designed to help you take charge of your love life by clearly defining your core values and non-negotiables to attract the amazing life and partner you were meant to have. By strengthening your mindset through repeated decision-making, you give your life and your relationships confidence and clarity. 

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– Jen Hecht, Founder & Chairwoman

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