About The Dating Advisory Board

The Dating Advisory Board takes business strategies and applies them to successes in life, dating, and partnerships.

We’re a community. We’re a network. We occasionally go to cool places and meet cool people. We believe that the key to success in business–and in life–is through collaboration, innovative thinking, powerful mission statements, and magnetic messaging.

Our goal is to help high-achieving women focus their energy so they can approach life with the same confidence, grace, and verve that they do in their career. We help women advocate for their needs, speak to their core values, find their resources, build their board of directors, and go after their life like it’s no one else’s business.

Big name brands do it all the time. Why should your personal brand be any different?

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Meet Jen

This is dating, not rocket science. That said, even rocket scientists need outside opinions.

– Jen Hecht

If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “If you want to have it all, you first have to figure out what you want.” I say this because “having it all” is relative; if you live by another version of happiness than your own, you will always feel like you are missing something. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been told you couldn’t have cake and eat it, too. It means absolutely nothing if you don’t want cake. And if you do like cake, EAT IT for crying out loud.

I’m Jen Hecht, and I’m Founder and Chairperson of The Dating Advisory Board. I help professional women take charge of their choices and develop the right relationships to create a life they love.

So…who am I and why should you listen to me?

It may matter to you that I’ve co-authored an international best seller or that I’ve worked extensively in corporations and nonprofits and have a deep background in sales and marketing. That I’ve hosted hundreds of podcasts. That my biggest joy (other than my kids, but it’s close) is watching a client wake up to themselves and show up in their lives.

But here’s the deal. My job isn’t to convince you to listen to me. My job is to convince you to listen to yourself. And not just listen, but listen to the good stuff. The true things. The best things. You cannot bring out the best in yourself if you have forgotten what that is.

Successful, powerful women can sometimes forget that the achievements they’ve made in their careers can translate into gorgeous happiness in their personal lives. As executives, they make decisions based on information they get from any number of people, reports, and outside consultants. They have no problem separating fact from BS because they have trust, resources, and second (and third) opinions.

But, when it comes to their personal lives, they don’t ask for feedback from anyone else. They don’t gather information. They don’t spend the necessary time, attention and effort on themselves.

And why is that?

I don’t know. That is part of your journey. I’m sure there are blind spots and sore areas you wish you could manage better. I’m just as sure that you are far more amazing and attractive than you give yourself credit for, and it would be foolish to start dating until you convinced yourself of that fact. And I know that once you do, your whole world will open up.

I know this because I’ve been there. And I’m going to be there for you, too. I’m going to be there when you get stuck, and I’m sure as heck going to be there when you break through what’s stopping you. You’re going to own the heck out of your life, and it’s going to rock!

Just something to think about.



My dad always says to me, “Life will be filled with potholes and uneven pavement but how you adapt and pivot will determine how you show up in the world.”

I look back at the last mile home as a metaphor for my life. My dad knew I had it in me to finish the last mile, even if I didn’t. He pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and I didn’t collapse. I had more in me than I realized. I just needed someone to show me where it was.


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