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The Dating Advisory Board Show – Katie Nelson – Sales & Dating Advice
July 27, 2017
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What Is The Dating Advisory Board?
August 30, 2017


Tune into this episode of The Dating Advisory Board live show where we discuss valuable relationship-building advice on how can you network better in business and dating. We had a jam-packed line-up of phenomenal women as our featured guests. Lori Saitz, Eve Monica, and Mimi the Psychic of OC (a Celebrity Psychic Medium).

Eve Monica is an astute Tarot card reader specializing in the realm of love. Eve is also the President of Sip with Socialites a blog on events, style, and philanthropy. A native of Washington, D.C., Eve believes we all must give back to our communities. A single mother of two, Eve is a natural organizer and enjoys bringing friends together socially and professionally. She believes by volunteering and fundraising that the growth and joy of each individual she touches is the key to society’s progress.
Want a love reading? Connect with her on Instagram – LoveReadingsByEve 
Connect with Eve – SipWithSocialites.com
Twitter @EveMonicSWS

In 2003, Lori Saitz launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie. In order to build that company, she forced herself to go to networking events and endured many awkward conversations in hopes of meeting clients. Eventually, after spending thousands of dollars and hours, she figured out how to comfortably start conversations with strangers and network effectively to find clients and referral sources. Today, as a networking strategy coach and speaker at Zen Rabbit, she helps other quiet people get past the fear of networking, manage their energy, and feel more comfortable connecting, so they can find success.

Mimi the celebrity Psychic of OC has had her phenomenal psychic and medium abilities since she was 7 years old; hence, she has been helping others with her gifts for over 40 years!  Her abilities include the gifts of Clairvoyant, Empathic/Intuitive and Clairaudient.  Mimi’s forte is being able to visualize the past or current situation in a 3D format as if watching a movie.  She can see in any direction she wishes, resulting in seeing faces and situations play out before her eyes.  This yields very accurate, authentic, detailed and concise information for her to pass on to her clients during readings.  Mimi predicts the future with uncanny accuracy.  She loves helping her clients change their futures with the knowledge she provides through insightful spiritual guidance, timelines, predictions, and knowledge of percentage of likelihood of future events occurring in their lives or that of a loved one.  Mimi’s special areas are Love/Romance, Careers/Business Endeavors, Making Purchases (home, car, etc.), and Rekindling Family Relationships and Friendships, which all play a role in bringing about significant help and the BEST successful outcomes in the lives of her clients.

Want a reading? Connect with her on Instagram – MimiThePsychic_of_OC

Or by phone at – 1-844-750-MIMI

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