VA Biz Conference
Virginia’s Business Conference – December 1st, 2017
November 2, 2017
Understanding Men – Is It Ego or Love?
March 3, 2018

On this episode of The Best Damn Lunch & Learn EVER, I had the amazing and hilarious Jessica Haese & Eve Monica on the show talking about..

What Happens When You Find Yourself In The Never Never Land of Dating?

1. Guest Intros 
2. What happens when you find yourself in the Never Never Land of Dating? (2:22) 
3. What do we do when we find ourselves dating a Peter Pan type? (7:25) 
4. Listening to your intuition when dating. (10:00) 
5. Importance of core values in relationships (15:00) 
6. Are there new rules in the dating world? (17:00) 
7. Start with self-reflection before going into a relationship (27:00) 
8. 5 Love Languages (30:00) 
9. Online profile Dating Tips (33:00) 

Thank you so much to The Wharf Old Town hosting us today and the food was outstanding! We have a special offer if you use the code “THEDAB” you will receive a free app. It is a great spot for date night.

Grab your  and join me every Monday at 12 PM Eastern, live on The Dating Advisory Board Facebook page.

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