Jen Hecht – Featured Guest On The Where’s MJ Show
November 16, 2016
What’s On Tap For The Dating Advisory Board in 2017?
December 10, 2016
Jen Hecht – Featured Guest On The Where’s MJ Show
November 16, 2016
What’s On Tap For The Dating Advisory Board in 2017?
December 10, 2016

Jen Hecht has an extensive background in both sales and marketing since graduating from Coastal Carolina University.  This experience was crucial in creating The Dating Advisory Board. Jen envisioned bringing business principles that she has learned over the years and apply those strategies in the dating world. Jen has always leaned on her “advisory boards” in business and now bringing that mindset into the dating world. “The Business of Dating.” The Dating Advisory Board takes real-world business practices and discusses how those principles can be crafted into a dating strategy.

Jen has a passion for helping others because we all crave a strong support system in our lives. When you come out of a long-term relationship whether it’s a divorce or a breakup you have to come to grips with a new life that is now your reality. We need to come together as a community and foster relationships and friendships that lift each other up and not tear each other down. The key to success is collaboration, not competition in business and especially in personal relationships.

“I think it’s crucial now more than ever that we empower each other to be the very best versions of ourselves and it starts with the reflection in the mirror. I’ve been very fortunate to have amazing people in my life that strive to help others find their purpose and passion while giving back to their community.” Jen Hecht

The Dating Advisory Board Testimonials:

The Dating Advisory Board is a much needed and worthwhile initiative.  It’s so important to empower women through building a community of other women – to help each other as we navigating identifying, building and pursuing relationships that bring us joy.  Jen, I love what you do!  It’s amazing!

I have been listening to the Dating Advisory Board’s podcasts, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy them. Jen is a natural and confident host, and her guests are well-respected and savvy business professionals who perfectly bridge the gap between creating a professional and personal brand, all while laughing and having a great time. This a great concept and I look forward to hearing more from the board.

What a breath of fresh air! Great spectrum of guest speakers and the tie between dating and business is witty yet undeniable, which is especially relevant for any professional.

It’s a beautiful collision of taking business best practices and applying it to the crazy world of courting. The podcasts are witty, edgy, and humorous! I’m a loyal listener and CEO of my company, and I love adding new tips to help succeed and grow my personal and professional life.

The interviews are captivating and fun to listen to. I love that the host has such high caliber of professionals talking about how the boardroom decisions are relevant to dating. It’s a refreshing twist to business and dating. Cool Concept! It works!

Fun (and true) way to think about business! Offers intriguing discussions on parallels between courting clients and dating.

Jen’s Fun Facts:

  • ESPN Reality Show Winner
  • Screenwriter
  • Tennis – I was nationally ranked as a junior player. My national rank at the time in doubles was #24. I was recruited to play #1 in singles & doubles at Coastal Carolina University. See clips below from the 2015 Citi Open Tennis PRO/AM benefiting The WTEF (Washington Tennis Education Fund).

Jen serving against Daniel Nestor #14 in the world in doubles:

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    I love this! What a brilliant and unique concept!

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