Dating Like A Boss
Better Business Bureau Podcast Interview – Dating Like A Boss
March 9, 2018
Nice Guys On Business
Jen Hecht Discusses Dating Strategies On The Nice Guys on Business Podcast
March 12, 2018

You don’t want to miss this episode of The Dating Advisory Board Best Damn Lunch & Learn EVER!

I had the brilliant and hilarious Mia Voss on the show talking about..👇

Dating In The Age Of Social Media 💘

I have included a breakdown of the segments that we discussed! Tune in to learn more 👇

1. Welcome, Mia Voss! (3:00) 👏
2. Pros & Cons of Online Dating (6:25) 💘
3. Branding “YOU” on Social Media (8:30) 🌎
4. Core Values & Non-Negotiables in relationships (10:20) 👂
5. Posting about relationships on Social Media (12:45) 
6. Importance of Building Personal Advisory Boards (18:35)👩‍💼
7. He’s Just Not That Into You (34:35) 🤔
8. Power of Positivity (49:00) 🙌
9. How to Tell A Story On Social Media Platforms (52:00) 📖
10. Housekeeping & Upcoming Events (1:00) 👈

Grab your 🥪 and join me every Monday at 12 PM Eastern, here live on The Dating Advisory Board Facebook page.

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