The Last Mile
My Talk – The Last Mile
September 11, 2018
Jen Hecht
Jen Hecht – Dating Coach
September 28, 2018

Tune into this episode of The Best Damn Lunch & Learn with Rita Goodroe! You don’t want to miss this episode!

Rita Goodroe is an international speaker and Business Mentor and Strategist to women Entrepreneurs, helping them take bold actions to realize BIG results so they make more money in less time in ways that are FUN. Rita’s clients love how she uses humor and storytelling to break topics down into practical, easily implementable, actions and have coined the phrase, “Rita made me DO it!” to celebrate their many successes. Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney. In 2015, she founded “Women’s Business Garden,” a free global community that provides education and community events to women entrepreneurs.

Sneak peek of this episode:
1. 35 dates in 35 days
2. What are you major takeaways how we can apply business strategies that you learned along the way to be successful in dating?
3. Top tips for starting a business?
4. What strategies should we be focusing on when starting a business?
5. Dating Profile do’s & don’ts
6. Tips to prioritizing your day
7. Tips to stop procrastination.

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