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October 16, 2016
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October 16, 2016
I had a great time with Ian Altman on The Dating Advisory Board podcast. I love his energy and his innovative business strategies. In this episode, Ian shares sales strategies in business and how they apply in the dating world. Ian is a multi-bestselling author, strategic advisor, and internationally sought speaker on integrity-based sales and business development. As a successful services and technology CEO for two decades (value beyond $1B), Ian draws on years of success and research on how customers make decisions. He delivers an approach to selling everyone can embrace, even your customers. You can read his articles each week online in Forbes and Inc. Magazine. Marketing luminary, Seth Godin, recommends Ian’s latest book,
Same Side Selling, as one of two books to read on consultative
B2B selling (the other recommended book was SPIN Selling).
Click below to view his very insightful Forbes articles:
Links to purchase his books on Amazon:
Same Side Selling book on Amazon:
Ian hosts a weekly podcast, Grow My Revenue Business Cast on iTunes. Here is the link to view his podcast on itunes:
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