Nice Guys On Business
Jen Hecht Discusses Dating Strategies On The Nice Guys on Business Podcast
March 12, 2018
Melinda Wittstock
Melinda Wittstock – Success Formulas For Women Entrepreneurs
May 6, 2018
Wings of inspired business

Thank you to Melinda Wittstock for having me on her amazing podcast, Wings of Inspired Business talking about how to apply business, marketing, and branding skills to your love life and create a “dating strategy”. Below are some of the topics that we discussed:

• How to qualify dating prospects as you would clients or customers in a sales funnel.

• Why it may make more sense to delegate the matchmaking to others if you are a busy businesswoman.

• How to ask for “referrals” much as you would in business.

• Why it’s vital to be true to yourself in business as well as dating.

• What kind of men women entrepreneurs need.

• And much more … Including why it is vital to “stay in the race” in entrepreneurship and always run the “last mile.” And BTW – a special challenge for listeners today. Please take a moment and write a Valentine … to yourself. That’s right – YOU! Because all too often we pay more attention to that critical voice inside than to all the wonderful things about ourselves!

Listen to our episode below:

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