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Dr. Steve Young

Did you miss this episode with Dr. Steve Young on The Dating Advisory Board The Best Damn Lunch and Learn Ever show? I chatted with the brilliant and talented Dr. Steve Young who is the Chief Solutionite at Body Solutions, Inc. & Chief Longevity Strategist at Immortal. Dr. Steve shared so much knowledge on this episode regarding key areas of our life that we can improve to live a healthier life.

Show Topic:
Keys To Unlocking Your Healthiest Life Possible
Mind, Body & Soul

Below are some of the topics we will chat about on our episode �

  1. Creating a Healthy Mindset (2:08)
  2. Root Causes of Systemic Inflammation (6:25)
  3. Tips for healthier sleep (7:35)
  4. 3 Core Food Values (14:50)
  5. What foods are best for your body? (17:00)
  6. Performance Vitamins and Supplements (21:30)
  7. Detoxing your body (29:35)
  8. Water intake & the best type of water for optimal results (34:55)
  9. Importance of movement exercises (39:30)
  10. Sauna health benefits (46:42)
  11. Quieting your mind with meditation (47:20)
  12. Connect with Dr. Steve Young (50:00)

Thank you so much for being on the show, Dr. Steve Young!

Dr. Steve Young’s “moonshot” goal is to help a Billion people love their way to building their greatest legacy by providing the tools and systems for success.

The tools he has co-created to achieve this goal with other amazing souls involve a holistic healing system to resolve physical ailments, a workstation to cure poor posture and poor health from inactivity, and customized nutritional strategies to resolve the root cause of diseases.

Since 2001 Dr. Steve has personally healed over 7 thousand people directly and countless more indirectly.

He’s a foodie with a goal to eat at the top 50 restaurants in the world and strives to be a mix between Elon Musk and The Dali Lama. He also loves to talk deeply about life, health, metacognition, parenting, and living to 150 years old.

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