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Fab, 40 & Dating in Washington, DC
May 7, 2018
Tips For Women Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Audience – Malorie Tadimi – Founder of Tadimi Business
September 9, 2018

Welcome to The Best Damn Lunch & Learn Ever! I’m extremely excited to have the brilliant Jenn Sherman on the show!

Jennifer R. Sherman founded The Influencer Collective. The agency specializes in building the influence of thought leaders, executives, and small to mid-sized organizations through next-generation digital marketing.. She has led integrated marketing and digital media programs to help companies increase their overall bottom line.

Sneak peek questions:
1. Let’s talk personal branding
2. Dating Profiles Do’s & Don’ts
3. Keys to communicating while dating? Texting, phone calls, etc.
4. Importance of self-work prior to getting into a relationship
5. Dating apps. Do they work or not? In person versus online dating?
6. Tips for dating in the digital age?

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