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The Dating Advisory Board Show – Katie Nelson – Sales & Dating Advice
July 27, 2017
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The Dating Advisory Board Show | Debi Jo Wheatley | How Can We Empower Our Space?
September 1, 2017
The Dating Advisory Board, Jen Hecht

How Do You Create A Dating Strategy Similarly Used In The Business Boardroom?

The Dating Advisory Board takes real-world business strategies from a variety of industries and showcases how those techniques can be used to create a dating strategy. The dating game has changed over the years, and online dating can be a bit overwhelming with so many dating websites and apps to click through. It becomes a full-time job, and people can become easily frustrated. Every business needs to build a brand, but now “YOU” are the brand. I interview a series of business executives and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in sales, marketing, healthy lifestyle, matchmaking, marketing, public relations, branding, technology, networking, and advertising. My advisory boards provide a wealth of knowledge, on how we can use these business strategies and create a viable dating strategy.

People ask me, How did you come up with this innovative concept? It was simple; it became personal. I found myself in the middle of this crazy vortex of the dating world, and for the first time, I didn’t know how to navigate through it. I’ve been in sales and marketing for years so why is this process so difficult? How can business and dating be so different? It dawned on me that after asking numerous questions to my friends and business acquaintances for strategies they use in the business boardroom, the show was born. I needed the help of a “Dating Advisory Board.”

What Are Your Core Non-Negotiables?

Someone once asked me what are my non-negotiables when looking for a partner. I was speechless. I hadn’t given it much thought. How was that possible? I know my core target market in business why didn’t I write down the same qualities I was looking for in a partner. I knew others were experiencing the same dating tornado that I was spinning in. I believe when you come out of a long-term relationship whether it’s a divorce or a breakup you have to come to grips with a new life that is now your reality. One day I looked myself in the mirror, and I saw a ghost of the person I once was. I needed to re-engineer the system and relight my fire. I got derailed, and I needed to get back in my lane and keep moving forward. I had to redefine who I was and where this next chapter in life would take me. That ‘s when I turned to my “advisory boards” for advice. I wasn’t going to let fear deter me from starting an amazing new chapter. I had to get my internal systems in check before I could be open to anyone. I think it’s crucial now more than ever that we empower each other to be the very best versions of ourselves and it starts with the reflection in the mirror. I’ve been very fortunate to have amazing people in my life that strive to help others find their purpose and passion while giving back to their community.


  1. Strve says:

    Great launch!
    Congratulations Jen!

  2. Steve says:

    Way to go Jen!
    Great rollout for the new site!

  3. Nyree says:

    Great Kick off last night Jen!

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