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March 3, 2019
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April 30, 2019
Denise Gosnell

Did you miss this episode with Denise Gosnell, J.D. on The Best Damn Lunch and Learn Ever show? I chatted with the brilliant and hilarious Denise Gosnell, about How To Grow Your Business By Working Less by implementing her Vacation Effect program.

Tune in to learn more about 👇

1. Intro to Denise Gosnell, J.D. 
2. What is the vacation effect? (2:00)
3. 30-day experiment (7:27)
4. Combating guilt when you take time off work (10:52)
5. Steps to create your own personal vacation effect (13:50)
6. Tips for setting a daily schedule (21:38)
7. Importance of delegating responsibilities to be more efficient (24:44)
8. How can we amplify our business? (39:50)
9. Are you living your soul purpose? (46:02)
10. Connect with Denise Gosnell, J.D. (55:12)

Denise Gosnell is the Founder & CEO of The Vacation Effect. Denise is also a business strategist, speaker, attorney, and real estate investor. Through her consulting company The Vacation Effect (vacationeffect.com), Denise helps busy entrepreneurs who haven’t taken a “real” vacation (without a computer).

Denise is offering my listeners a free freedom session call to help you create your personal vacation effect. To schedule your call please email denisegosnell@vacationeffect.com and let her know that you heard her on my podcast.

Please be sure to follow Denise on her social media:
Website: www.vacationeffect.com/


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